Measuring Marketing Effectiveness

Is your marketing

At a relatively low up front and ongoing cost, we can procure, install and integrate advanced footfall technology into your stores. With this technology, we can answer more questions and open up more opportunities than ever before.

Retailers must prove initiatives
increase customer traffic

Retailers frequently undertake new marketing initiatives to help improve business. Some of the key measures that leading retailers use to measure performance include: sales per square metre, sales per employee, conversion rate, GMROI, etc.

Why measure conversion
rate and foot traffic

The conversion rate is the proportion of store visits to the number of shoppers who made a purchase. To calculate it, use the formula: number of sales / total number of visitors.

What measure your conversion rate

Turn lookers into

Your conversion rate tells you how good you are at turning lookers into buyers. Driving store visits is great, but traffic alone won’t add much to your bottom line if your visitors don’t convert.

Build rapport

Increasing your conversion rate starts with your employees.
Build rapport with customers.
Become “likable experts” who can provide
product information and insights.

Measure your efforts

Foot traffic helps you evaluate your
marketing and advertising efforts.
For example, if you recently launched a
promotion to drive people to the store,
then looking at your foot traffic can tell
you whether or not your campaign was

Increase curb appeal
(an remove the first line of the blurb)

Increasing curb appeal.
Leveraging digital tools such as click and
collect, online business listings,
Google’s Local Ads, etc.
Holding events and offering professional
Driving traffic from existing customers via
loyalty initiatives, EDM etc

We have access to advanced
footfall/conversion analytics

Via 4Cn, we can procure, install and
integrate advanced footfall technology in
your stores. Well-known global brands
have implemented the same technology
and it has a proven track record.


4Cn installed a test unit in a local high-street pharmacy. The following data, plus much more, shows the insights that are available through the system.

Total Vistiors
Turn in Rate
Visit Duration
Returning Rate (%)
Outside Traffic

Customer benefits are tangible &

Through analysis of traffic, including outside traffic, retailers can decide whether increasing or decreasing opening hours, changing campaigns or training staff will improve trading performance.

Campaign Management

Sales Conversion

Opening Hours

Upfront investment
& Ongoing support

Upfront &
Annual Maintenance




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Only 1 licence per store is needed for Analytic Manager. Only one accuracy
audit per store is required. Each other fee is a per-unit fee.


The long term benefits include the ability to share live
occupancy status with customers via your website. This
enables customers to choose when to visit to minimise
waiting time,will increase trust in your business and
improve their shopping experience.

As businesses re-open, they may need
preventative measures in place to:
  • Protect employees
  • Reassure visitors
  • Comply with government guidelines - social distance and
    occupancy restrictions.
  • Provide an automated,cost effective alternative to manual
    counting or other unappealing visual cues.

How does it work?

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at entrances and exits
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