We are optimising business through smarter supply through the use of clever technology and commercial understanding.

4Cn has a unique product – AIM, or Actively Managed Inventory – to help providers at every level of the supply chain with the management of their Last Mile.  The Last Mile is from a Distribution Centre or Warehouse to the Retail Outlet, and is the part most supply chain providers have the least control or certainty over.  AIM changes all that.  We help you connect the Last Mile so that you can ensure better inventory management at the outlet, better predict demand at each DC and prevent out of stock situations that could have been avoided. Best of all, everyone benefits from AIM implementation.  Get the competitive advantage now and get AIM


Simply Ingenious Software

4Cn uses intelligent software to leverage near real time Point Of Sale information and big data analysis to better communicate and predict consumer behaviour with the retailer, distributor and manufacturer.  This enables our customers to better manage inventory, maximise promotion and rebate returns, simplify the supply chain process and free up cash all through a beautiful and intuitive user experience


4Cn combines the best minds in retail, healthcare and technology to bring you an elegant solution to supply and demand. We believe that it doesn’t have to be hard or expensive to understand where your product is at any time or spend more time than necessary on forecasts and inventory management


4Cn’s unique technology supports our customers in achieving the following benefits:

  • Reduce supply chain and distribution costs
  • Improve promotion and rebate returns
  • Increase capital efficiency
  • Reduce lost sales

Combine your expertise with ours to turbocharge your business and remove the complexity

Simple software interfaces with all the complexity of running forecasts, optimising inventory and suggesting orders taken care of, for you.

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