Why 4Cn?  Pronounced “foreseen”, we represent foresight and prediction in ordering for retail and healthcare. Cn is also the Periodic Element Copernicium, which is named after Copernicus. Copernicus is known for the Copernican Model: A Sun-Centered Solar System. This changed the way scientists viewed our place in the universe. 4Cn aims to change the way we view business productivity in the same way.

Our Approach

We combine advanced technology and software smarts; through partnerships with innovative designers and ingenious engineers, 4Cn (pronounced foreseen) creates merchandise management and supply chain solutions that are affordable, robust and tailored to any budget.

These solutions offer the retail marketer and the supply chain manager fast and accurate information on their goods, from factory to floor.

As specialists in information procurement and related strategies for suppliers and retail banners, we understand the need to receive timely, accurate insights into your business and that of your customers.

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Singularly simple, together ingenious.  4Cn.

Our Story

We started 4Cn because we want to ensure everyone from the manufacturer to the consumer is getting the very best value for their dollar.  We recognised that traditional ordering platforms used simple hard-coded forecasts and min-max systems to decide how much inventory should be held at each step.  What does this have to do with variable demand or seasonal change?  Nothing!  So we did something about it, and created incredibly accurate, learning systems to help minimise errors in stock supply and maximise returns.

Next Steps…

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