Active Inventory Management

AIM is a new way to simply and effectively consign and manage stock from manufacturer to consumer.  By anticipating the demand throughout the supply chain and giving retailers visibility, AIM delivers.  AIM is essentially an end-to-end solution that connects the supplier to the wholesaler or distributor and finally to the retailer.  It does this through a unique Scan-Link which gives 4Cn access to sales, inventory and orders from the retailer.  AIM then applies a special forecasting algorithm rather than a traditional min-max approach to generate a line-by-line forecast for each outlet – even taking into account seasonality, substitutes and new product launches where available!  Better yet, we are evaluating the forecast accuracy on an ongoing basis to ensure we incorporate any changes to the environment that may impact accuracy.  AIM is unique, since no other platform can predict using up to the day sales data overlaid with rich historical sales.  Test it out and see for yourself.  We’ll have you up and running with better forecasts, happier customers and healthier balance sheets.

Customer Tracking

By understanding customer movements relative to sales and staff, productivity and efficiency can be optimised.

Predictive Forecasting

A new way to look at getting the right product to the right person at the right time.  This is the powerhouse of the inventory management systems.

AIM = Smart Supply Solutions

Active Inventory Management brought to you by 4Cn, an exciting cloud solution driving significant benefits to customers through point of purchases insight to better predict and manage inventory at the retail outlet.

Integrate into your existing solution.

Don’t throw out your current investments, give them a boost.  Given the unique position of AIM, it can tie in neatly with your current CRM, ERP and retail interfaces.  If you are missing any of these, our technology partners will bring you competitive, advanced solutions fit to your budget and business need.

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