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4Cn solves your inventory problems, from ordering to selling short-date stock.

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Fully flexible
ordering schedule

AIM takes what you do manually every day and schedules it according your local needs. You can place a turnover order to cover the whole month, a top up order in the middle of the month and a quick top up at the end of the month all according to a schedule you set and forget.

Orders are created for you and you are alerted when they are ready to review

If desired, AIM can notify you of a pending order when it’s ready for review. Never forget to place an order, again. Not in the pharmacy? No stress, you can log into AIM anywhere and place your order. You are not tied to your POS.

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A learning system

Every time AIM suggests an order, it reviews its accuracy so that next time its forecasts are even better. In real-world situations, dispensary orders have error rates of less than a single unit over/under the actual use for your pharmacy.

Take AIM at your stock control
and pricing

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Ensure you maximise your rebates

If you have negotiated with your suppliers a deal based on how much of the product you will use when substitutes exist, you can ‘lock in’ your target volume ratio to maintain a buy ratio at the target percentage – AIM considers what you have used, what you have agreed to use, and adjusts your buy ratio accordingly.

Avoid double order errors

For a small fee, AIM will send the invoices back to your POS even though the order wasn’t placed there. This will help prevent other pharmacy staff placing orders for the same thing via the POS.